A majority of today’s issues, mental, emotional and physical stem from unhealed trauma, usually childhood. This leads to chronic diseases, ADHD, addictions, heart conditions, low self esteem, relationship problems, stress and anxiety.

The amygdala in the brain attaches emotional significance to events and memories. When a trauma has taken place, it is triggered by similar senses activating the fight/flight/freeze mechanism, propelling one into a state of cortisol/adrenalin, therefore stress and eventually, illness and disease.

The deep trauma healing techniques I use in my kinesiology sessions powerfully yet non invasively release these traumas, emotions and memories from the fascia, muscles, nervous system and re-program the way the amygdala responds to stimuli bringing peace and balance back into the mind, spirit and body.

These sessions are suitable for anyone of any age, the level of trauma depends on the way it was perceived by the individual. Childhood trauma can be from parents separating or feeling alone to physical/emotional abuse. One may need 3 sessions to clear these memories and make positive changes.