Remedial Massage is widely used to treat many chronic and acute conditions, it works on freeing up the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and nerves.

Remedial Massage;

  • increases range of movement
  • decreases pain
  • assists healing for post surgery
  • sports injuries

Nikki Symons is an experienced remedial therapist, who over the years has gained invaluable knowledge from her studies and experiences. Combining various modalities, her treatments encompass techniques that are used to successfully treat many conditions – all of which gives her clients positive long-term results. Quite often pain, tight muscles or restrictions do not only require the use of soft tissue release (deep tissue or trigger point therapy for example) but may also require a structural assessment and correction to balance the body and prevent recurring problems. Understanding structure and function has been the most fundamental tool in treating imbalances in the musculoskeletal system as very often tight/shortened muscles can pull the structure out of alignment as can a misalignment cause an imbalance within the muscles.

During a remedial treatment Nikki may use the following techniques depending on your condition.


  • Breaks down adhesions (knots), fibrosis and re-align muscle fibers
  • Reduces muscle spasm and pain
  • Restores flexibility and joint range of movement
  • Promotes healing of soft tissue injuries


A gentle, safe yet effective therapy to correct structural imbalances, which can have an enormous effect on every tissue in the body. Onsen uses tools to assess and correct pain causing structural and functional deviations.  People with long-term pain can benefit from this technique and have long-lasting results.


Eliminates the body from toxins, bacteria, virus’, heavy metals and cancer cells. Creates a powerful immune reaction, greatly improving healing time. Helps reduce cellulite, reduces swelling. Improves skin conditions (acne, dermatitis, eczema)


Using sliding rubber cups effectively releases dysfunctional components of the soft tissue to restore mobility and function and to lengthen the fascia. Fascia, similar to the muscles, becomes less mobile with overuse and adheres to all the underlying muscles restricting movement and causing pain.

Static cupping is applied to trigger points, shortened muscles and congested tissues to draw the deep layers of blood into the area, creating warmth, increasing circulation, oxygen and nutrition to the cells to release the tight bands of muscle fibers. Both rubber and static cupping increases circulation, decongests and removes toxins.


A very gentle technique rooted in Osteopathy to release restricted muscles and restore proper nerve function.. Areas that were unresponsive to other techniques often respond to PRT.   PRT uses supported positioning and does not use force but subtle kinesthetic properties to guide the body to its path of healing and respects the body’s need to protect itself after injury.


$85 / 1 Hour

$50 / 30 mins

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