Reiki works on many levels, healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The practitioner draws the powerful universal healing energy in and transfers it into the client by laying hands over specific areas of the body.

Depending on what is occurring for the client determines the amount of energy drawn in to heal.

Reiki is beneficial for easing mental and emotional stress ●pain and injury healing ●health and wellbeing ●clearing negative energy ●healing past traumas ●increasing energy and motivation

Ideal for all ages; adults, children and even pets.

What’s involved in a treatment.

The client lays fully clothed on a table during the treatment, they may feel or sense some energy or heat or relaxing and calming energy as things shift and energy moves through the body. After the session it is advisable to drink plenty of water and eat and drink healthily for a few days following. There is generally a sense of peace and calmness following the treatment and sometimes, depending on circumstances several sessions maybe required until symptoms have subsided.

Reiki can also be given as a distant healing, this is a very powerful way to receive a healing. A time is set to receive it, usually upon retiring at night when the mind is calm so that the body can integrate while sleeping, creating a deep, peaceful sleep and wake up feeling harmonious.


45 minute energy healing $65

Distant $50