Kinesiology is excellent at detecting and correcting the underlying cause of health problems that are normally difficult to detect. This fast growing healthcare is efficient at rebalancing the body and awakening its own healing process.

Stress, anxiety, trauma, negative thought patterns, conflicts etc disrupt the natural flow of energy within the body causing blockages in the body’s systems creating dis-ease. Kinesiology using its powerful techniques can energetically remove stress and rebalance the body physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and chemically, enabling you to return to a natural state of health.

Anyone, any age can benefit, even babies. For babies and toddlers I use a surrogate person, usually the parent, to muscle test on. Beneficial for school kids for balancing emotional issues, learning, attention or behavioural challenges.


1.5 hour Kinesiology $120


If you have any questions or would like to find out how it can work for you or your family, you are welcome to call me as I would love to chat and answer your questions.

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As stress creates ill health it is vital that it is resolved. Negative thought processes, emotional upheavals cause anxiety and depression, Kinesiology uses powerful techniques to calm the nervous system, release the stored emotions and re programmes positive thoughts and messages.



Old traumas are in bedded deep in our brain and can be triggered by similar situations. Memories, even those of our ancestors can be past down through our DNA, this cellular memory can create similar patterns in our lives. Kinesiology accesses these traumas, memories and emotions and non invasively releases them so you are left feeling lighter and less burdened. Tapping allows us to re program new memories into the brain so that when that memory is stimulated it allows the brain to see a new happier picture, greatly reducing the stress and trauma.

health- well-being

Health and Wellbeing

Stress is the main underlying cause of ill health, when stress is left untreated or unresolved it blocks the function of your body, creating dis-ease. The meridians in our body are the energy flows of our organs, when there is a blockage through stress it affects our meridians, directly affecting the function of the associated organ. Kinesiology detects where the cause of the stress is and energetically releases it, unblocking the flow of energy allowing you to return to optimal health and wellbeing.


Learning Difficulties

Brain integration and learning are closely linked. When the two halves of the brain are not working together then the person has one sided processing. This creates difficulty in concentrating, thinking laterally, remaining centred or calm or dyslexic tendencies. Stress can affect the integration of the brain, kinesiology releases the stress that caused the blockage to improve integration.


Muscle Weakness and Pain/Structural Imbalances

As stress creates blockages in the meridians it then weakens the associated muscles, this causes compensation throughout the body and puts stress on other structures causing pain. Releasing the stored emotions, strengthening the muscles and rebalancing the structure brings back total body balance, strength and alignment.

TMJ (jaw) pain

Excessive tension in the muscles connected and surrounding the TMJ (jaw joint) can cause pain, bruxism (tooth grinding), headaches, referral pain patterns, restricted range of movement or tinitus. This tension can be caused by stress or trauma as the muscles hold or lock emotions and trauma into them as there is a physical neurological connection between the sensory nerves and the brain and spinal cord. This feedback loop means that emotional stress causes the muscles to tighten which in turn causes increased stress to the nervous system causing a vicious cycle. Kinesiology clears the stored emotions in the muscles, resets the balance of the muscles and clears reactivity between them. Balancing the TMJ is very powerful in releasing stored tension and brings incredible relief back to the jaw, neck, head face and nervous system.

sports performance

Sports Performance

Sports performance can be improved by ensuring all the muscles groups are strong, balanced and working in harmony to support you to perform at your best, it can clear any mental blockages and sabotages and clear all energy blockages so energy flows freely through your body allowing you to perform at your optimal.

Food/Environmental Allergies

Allergies and hypersensitivities to food or environmental factors can be detected. The body’s immune system may then be rebalanced so that it can once again tolerate that substance or experience less severe allergic symptoms.



There are many reasons people suffer with insomnia some are nutritional, adrenal stress, trauma, anxiety or hormonal. Allow the body to feed back what the causes are and what the body needs to bring you back into balance and health, allowing the system to return to homeostasis and restful sleep.

Nutritional/Digestive Health

Bloating, pain, constipation etc, may be caused by a lack of enzymes to breakdown foods in our stomach and digestive tract, there maybe a lack of vitamins and minerals to make these enzymes or stress that prevents us from properly absorbing our nutrients. Nutritional deficiencies prevent nutrients from being transported around the body and entering the cells. Kinesiology detects the cause of these issues and feeds back which nutrients are necessary and clears stored and blocked emotions and trauma for optimal nutrition and a healthy, balanced digestive system.


Weight Loss

Many factors contribute to putting on weight and difficulty in losing it. Over time your weight set point may have risen above your natural weight making it a challenge to lose more than 5kgs, resetting this set point will help your body to shed those extra kilos. Many other factors such as stress, thyroid and sleep may be involved making it difficult to burn fat. A balance for weight loss will assess and balance these contributing factors for easier weight loss.

suppliment tests

Supplement/Food Testing

It is important to have your supplements tested on you to ascertain you are taking the right dose at the right time and whether they are biogenic to your body’s systems. Some synthetic supplements may have fillers or additives that may be detrimental to your health or they may interfere with medications. Kinesiologists use Neolife products as they are backed by solid scientific research and lead the industry with using the finest nutritional supplements all made from food as nature intended. Doing a food panel will determine which foods are or aren’t supporting your goal or for you to have optimal health and vitality.

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