Kinesiology uses gentle muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism to communicate with the body. The higher self/subconscious mind is aware of any dysfunction or dis-ease and is able to feedback information as to the person’s state of health.

Kinesiology is a fusion of ancient Eastern philosophy and modern Western techniques. It is based on the five element principle of the organ/meridian/muscle relationship. Stress creates blockages in the meridians which can affect the function of the associated organ and weakness in the associated muscles causing pain, imbalance and compensation in the rest of the body’s systems. Testing the strength of the muscles gives us information about the meridian and organs, an unlocking muscles indicates an imbalance. Energy must flow through the meridians for optimal health and healing, stress, trauma, negative thought patterns and injury creates blockages in these circuits creating dysfunction in any organ or system of the body.

Man is a structural, chemical, emotional, electrical, nutritional, spiritual being. The body is always doing its best to maintain its balance, this is its innate healing ability but stored emotions can disrupt this ability, kinesiology clears the way for us to return to complete harmony.

The powerful techniques used to correct and re balance the body are very diverse, some have been adapted from chiropractic, nutritionists, medical research and ancient Eastern healing to bring balance back to the body, mind and spirit.


Sabotages and conflicts are old belief systems that limit our ability to be our optimal selves. Some have been programmed into our brains from an early age or even emotionally inherited from our ancestors, they can be so deep we are unaware they are present. They may be patterns that are repeated through our lives and we wonder why the same situations re-occur and prevent us from achieving our goals and hold us in a negative state. Clearing sabotages and conflicts allow us to be more successful in our careers, relationships, healing and all life goals. Kinesiology is excellent at removing these programmes and clears the way for ourselves and our children to lead happy fulfilling lives.