Nikki Symons is a registered professional member of Kinesiology (AIK) and Remedial Massage (MMA), operating from her home clinic in Kingscliff and also a clinic in Tweed Heads South. Since completing her diploma of remedial massage in 2006 she discovered her passion for health and through her relationship with her clients and their individual needs for healing, she believed that sometimes other health modalities were necessary to integrate into her work to achieve their goals. This led to her research into kinesiology and its effectiveness to work and heal on all levels. She is now practising both kinesiology and remedial massage as two separate modalities but will often use the muscle testing skills of kinesiology to determine muscle strength and weakness in her massage sessions.

Open weekdays from 9-6 and some early appointments at the weekend.

Nikki Symons

Dip. Kinesiology | Dip. Remedial Massage

0405 266 135


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Kinesiology is excellent at detecting and correcting the underlying cause of health problems that are normally difficult to detect. This fast growing healthcare is efficient at rebalancing the body and awakening its own healing process so that it can return to optimal emotional, mental, nutritional and physical health.

Your body’s own natural innate intelligence is continually striving to keep you healthy, when stress, trauma, self sabotage, injury, illnesses etc create dis-ease, kinesiology can unlock this healing process and interpret what the body needs to bring you back to optimal health.

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